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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Woo Hoo! Royal Flush!

This is only the second time I've had one, I only used one hole card, it was in a SNG so I didn't actually win money on the hand, and the caller was drawing dead on the turn.....but it's still very cool!

Hand #8731227-5 at SnG-0010d (No Limit Hold'em Sit and Go)
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Started at 01/Oct/05 19:37:24

papa_47 is at seat 0 with 1480.
medi8r is at seat 1 with 1840.
meeka1234 is at seat 2 with 1500.
djee is at seat 3 with 700.
dartman8 is at seat 4 with 1370.
KrossMan is at seat 5 with 1445.
SteelerBob is at seat 6 with 1450.
Hartman63 is at seat 7 with 2615.
dewolfwoman is at seat 8 with 1140.
**mrreed is at seat 9 with 1460.
The button is at seat 8.

mrreed posts the small blind of 10.
papa_47 posts the big blind of 20.

papa_47: -- --
medi8r: -- --
meeka1234: -- --
djee: -- --
dartman8: -- --
KrossMan: -- --
SteelerBob: -- --
Hartman63: -- --
dewolfwoman: -- --
mrreed: As Jh


medi8r folds. meeka1234 folds. djee calls.
dartman8 folds. KrossMan folds. SteelerBob folds.
Hartman63 calls. dewolfwoman folds. mrreed calls.
papa_47 checks.

Flop (board: Qs Js 3s):

mrreed checks. papa_47 checks. djee bets 20.
Hartman63 folds. mrreed calls. papa_47 folds.

Turn (board: Qs Js 3s Ks):

mrreed checks. djee bets 50. mrreed calls.

River (board: Qs Js 3s Ks Ts):

mrreed bets 90. djee calls.


mrreed shows As Jh.
mrreed has As Qs Js Ks Ts: royal flush.
djee mucks cards.
(djee has Th Ac.)

Hand #8731227-5 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
mrreed wins 400 with royal flush.

Woo Hoo!


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